Glass Water Bottles

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Eurpean-Style Design

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Bpa-free Certified

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Through our many years of experience, we have achieved expertise in the rapid manufacture of high quality glass water bottles. We can provide highly price-competitve solutions for low to medium-volume production requirements for your business.

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Custom Your Glass Water Bottles To Make An Impact

Go traditional with our glass water bottles made in China and from trusted materials. Our clear and transparent glass provides a dimension of health and hygiene with its food-grade quality. With their harder build, our glass bottles do not break easily.

The double layer heat insulation design allows the bottle body to stay cool to the touch and maintain the temperature of its contents. The existing molds we have are able to create various types of glass water bottles to cater to your orders. We provide multi-testing for quality assurance and to earn your trust.

Smart Houseware is the One-Stop Water Bottle Manufacturer for All of Your Promotional Needs