Shaker Bottles

Feature Performance

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  • Sealing Lip

    Lids engineered to stay tight, backed by our leak-proof guarantee. With a distinctive snap, the caps click tightly closed.

  • Mixing Mechanism

    Several types of mixing mechanisms are ready to offer: ball or propeller-shaped agitators, built-in screens or strainers.

  • Detachable Bottom

    Removable bottom for easy storage, such as albumen power, pills and other small articles.

Qualities Of Our Protein Shaker

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Good Seal

With our excellent injection molding, a good quality bottle that is leak and spill proof is guaranteed.

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As solid, well-constructed bottles made of quality materials, our products are unbreakable.

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Efficient Mixing Mechanism

Proven mechanisms are mixing balls and devices attached to the lid of the bottle. It makes a pleasant protein shake texture.

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Easy to clean

We make the shaker bottles easy to disassemble so that all the little nooks and crannies are fully clean.

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BPA free

The highest food grade materials are completely BPA free. Our shakers are dishwasher safe.

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We have approximately 30 moulds for each type of shaker, so the sizes and shapes can satisfy your order demands.

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Good Grip

Our designers have created a comfortable curve body for a good grip experience.

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The design of the bottle is a big factor to some people’s decision. The colors, texture, graphics and extra features can be customized from your ideas.

Our Efficient Production Remains At The Forefront Of The Industry

  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Mold Manufacturing
  • Lips Production
  • Bottle Body Production
  • Printing
  • Assembly
  • Comprehensive Inspections
  • Package & Storage

Shake Up Your Promotion With Our Customization

Shaker bottles from Smart Houseware are excellent products made purely from China. Expect the fastest turnaround times and competitive prices thanks to our high-end services. All of our protein shaker bottles meet EU food and drink standards and possess BPA Free certification.

Made of plastic, glass and stainless steel, our bottles are food-grade and safe for use. We make use of self-sealing technology to achieve 100% match between the self-sealing lid and the bottle body that has been made thanks to precise molding. Without the silicone ring, there is no odor or mold that would ruin the contents of your bottles.

We provide full-scale types: plastic shaker bottles, glass shaker bottles, stainless steel shaker bottles, as well as electric protein shakers. Our bottles come in various sizes: 400 ml, 600ml, 800 ml and 1000 ml,etc. Print out custom designs and logos on your water bottles to begin bringing your brand to a wider audience.

Smart Houseware is the One-Stop Water Bottle Manufacturer for All of Your Promotional Needs