Silicone Series

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With state-of-the-art molding center and injection molding line, we can provide to our customers to help minimise tooling costs and to help expedite the manufacturing process.

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Silicone Cups

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Silicone Water Bottles

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Silicone Lunch Boxes

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Silicone Accessories

Smart Houseware Silicone Products Impress Your Brand

Rely on Smart Houseware for all of your silicone product line needs. Our factory’s manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce silicone cups, silicone bottles, silicone lunch boxes and other silicone accessories. We can make different types of products thanks to high-end and precise molding techniques, such as water pressure forming mold and stretching forming mold.

All of our silicone products are comfortable to touch and resistant to falling due to our heat-resistant and durable silicone material. You can also suggest ideas on how to improve the design of our bottles and products. Taking any shape and size, our silicone products are appealing marketable items that your logo can easily be placed on.

Smart Houseware is the One-Stop Water Bottle Manufacturer for All of Your Promotional Needs